Name Your Own Orchid

Give someone their own heirloom strain! This makes a great gift!

this orchid could be named after youThe naming of orchid hybrids dates back nearly 150 years when the first cross pollinations took place. Breeders would select two species parents with desirable traits, put them together, culture the seeds, grow the plants at least 5 years until they bloomed, and hope for improved strains. In the jungle, where the epiphytes are native to, insects perform the hybridizing duties.

Unnamed orchid.In 1929, a tradition began with Mrs. Herbert Hoover in which U.S. First Ladies had Cattleya orchids named after them. At that time, corsages were at their peak of fashion and women everywhere wore orchids to glamorous events. Fifty years later, public interest in orchids started changing from cut flowers to potted plants and, today, orchids are the #1 houseplant having overtaken poinsettias, chrysanthemums, and African violets.

name this orchidChadwick’s has continued the First Lady tradition by naming Cattleya orchids after wives of the five most recent Presidents – Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barbara Bush – and, in most cases, personally presented the flowers to the honored recipients. In addition, three former First Ladies have been recognized by Chadwicks - Lady Bird Johnson (via her daughter Linda), Eleanor Roosevelt (via her granddaughter Anne), and Edith Bolling Wilson (via the Bolling family). Other female celebrities to have received their namesake hybrid from Chadwick’s include Martha Stewart, Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Tipper Gore, Priscilla Presley, and the Queen of Cambodia.

Chadwick’s has several dozen crosses in production at all times in preparation and a percentage of these are made available to the public in a program called ‘Name Your Own Orchid.' For a $1500 fee, the entire cross of seedlings will be officially registered under any name you choose (pending approval by the Royal Horticultural Society) with a certificate of authenticity. Up to 20 blooming size specimens will also be provided - each slightly different based on genetics - and with the new botanical name printed on the label. Pictures of the flowers can be made available if the recipient would like to see the orchid ahead of time. Cattleyas are Chadwick's specialty although other genera may be available. Typical colors are whites, pinky/purples, and yellowy/oranges.

name this orchidCall (804)598-7560 for availability or to place an order.