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Art Chadwick speaking.

Arthur E. Chadwick is available year round for public speaking engagements to
groups such as garden clubs, master gardeners, and orchid societies.

Lectures can be taught at all levels and range from 20 minutes to 2 hours.
The typical format for gardening groups is a 'Show & Tell' using live plants, covering the most popular orchids, their origins and culture.

The typical format for orchid societies is a 'Power Point' presentation usually on Cattleya related topics. There are currently two subjects available: "Large Flowered Cattleya Species" and "First Ladies and their Cattleyas - 1929 to Present".

The following dates are booked for 2015:
Feb 8 - Charlottesville VA Orchid Society
Mar 6 - Kona HI Orchid Society
Mar 14 - Hilo HI Orchid Society
April 12 - Las Vegas NV Orchid Society
May 3 - Richmond VA Orchid Alliance

Call for prices and availability!
(804) 598-7560