Virginia Living Magazine - April 2012

How to Care for Orchids Without Loving Them to Death. By Shelby Giles
Orchids are notoriously difficult to care for. It seems like one minute you're admiring their vibrant colors and the delicately smooth flesh of their tender petals, and the next you're collecting crunchy leaves from the failing flower's wilted stem. But fear not the flower! Arthur E Chadwick of Chadwick & Son Orchids, which operates more than 10 greenhouses in Powhatan County and whose First Lady Presidential Orchid Collection is featured in the United States Botanic Garden, has a few tips for those of us wanting to see our orchids not only bloom, but prosper....
DON'T give your orchid too much attention by over-watering.
DO water your orchid once a week and then "just leave it alone," says Chadwick.
DO repot every few years, and group your orchid types. Different genus have different care specifications.
DO plant in media such as bark, cork, and moss, so that the roots can breathe.
DON'T place your orchid in direct light.
DO remember that orchids are tropical plants, so place your orchid outside from May to September.
DO fertilize your orchid regularly.
Armed with this advice, you may eventually emulate Chadwick's father, Arthur A Chadwick, who has orchids from the 1940's that are still going strong. Blooming marvelous!