Attractive Orchid Foliage

Orchids last much longer than every day flowers – typically 1 to 3 months – and this has contributed to their century and a half of popularity. This bounty of blooms seems to go on forever yet the remaining months of the year are flowerless while the plants are concentrating on growing new leaves and roots. Thus, hobbyists are left to gaze at greenery that is, well, not too exciting.

Orchid foliage rarely wins beauty contests.  

Companion Plants For Orchids

Orchid growers are passionate about their collection and learn everything they can to master the sport. Over time, they start to acquire other tropical plants, usually as gifts, which quietly bask in the warm humid climate. Before long, the growing area may come to look more like a rain forest than a living room.

Biltmore’s Orchid Collection

In the far reaches of western North Carolina on 8,000 acres, sits the largest dwelling in the United States, the Biltmore House. George Vanderbilt II modeled his 1895 country retreat after a chateaux in France’s Loire Valley. He also specified an extensive orchid collection to provide fresh flowers throughout the home.

Harlequin Phalaenopsis

Orchid breeders have an eye for selecting stud plants that impart desirable flower qualities onto the offspring. Common traits include vibrant color, round shape, and being floriferous. There is one type of Phalaenopsis, however, that is made using entirely different criteria.


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