Vintage Cattleya Fashion

This year marks the 95th anniversary of the American Orchid Society and, to commemorate the milestone, a series of vintage orchid images are being recreated from the 1940’s horticulture magazines. The glossy advertisements were groundbreaking for the time period and promoted the many uses of cut cattleya flowers in high society fashion.

How to Build an Orchid Lath House

One of the secrets to cultivating orchids successfully in this part of the country is to put the plants outside for the summer. Night temperatures usually don't fall below 60 degrees F during the months of June, July, and August and the humidity is high. Epiphytes thrive in these rainforest-like conditions. What confounds hobbyists, however, is how to provide proper light levels.


Orchid Displays in Resort Hotels

Visitors who walk into four and five star hotels expect to be dazzled by the decor whether it's the architecture, furniture, or flowers. Orchids, with their long lasting blossoms and wide range of colors, rarely disappoint and have long been used in interior spaces. Recently, floral designers are using a new technique to show off their orchids. They are combining blooming plants with cut flowers to make over-the-top arrangements.



Orchids continue to get easier and easier to grow. Hybridizers have been working round the clock developing new and improved varieties particularly in the areas of Phalaenopsis and Oncidiums. Commercial nurseries have been implementing state-of-the-art cultural techniques in order to bring their crop to market as quickly as possible. The exciting news for the consumer is that today's plants provide years of enjoyment with only minimal care. 



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