Meet Our Staff

Chadwick Orchids Staff in Costa Rica

Jay Aldridge, Paphiopedilum Grower
Jay Aldridge

Maximillion Chadwick, Mascot
Max the Dog

Sara Nunn, Store Manager

Marvin Palmore, Delivery Fleet Manager

Janis Ranck, Vice President

Stuart Townes, Delivery Driver

Aaron Talley, Dendrobium Grower, Delivery Driver

Ed Reibsamen, Webmaster
Ed Reibsamen

Sarah Hebert, Cattleya Grower

Jill Pestka, Orchid of the Month Coordinator

Hannah Sawyer, Oncidium Grower

Christy Mcfadden, Bookkeeper

Wayne Wilson, Phalaenopsis Grower

Susannah Phillips, Plant Groomer

Amanda Ravan, Assistant Store Manager